• DATE /July, 17 till 21 2019
  • TIME /09:00 AM - 2:00 AM
  • LOCATION /The New Biel
  • TICKETS /Buy tickets
  • FOR INQUIRIES /events@mindwhisk.com

What's going on?

Reality is mainstream…Especially when the hyperreal gaming world involves a TOTAL cash prize pool of 50,000$!

Mindwhisk events is proud to announce the launch of “Gamers Unite” Beirut 2019 – The very first Multi-regional E-sports league in Beirut!

With an arena of over 80 PCs, leagues of Pubg, Dota, Csgo & more including a Gamer’s world exhibition, at this year’s Regional Mega-event: “Gamers Unite” Beirut 2019.

Amarteur or proffessional Register now for your favorite game on www.Ihjoz.Com starting 10$ and get a chance to win big cash!

Qualifications are played online starting April until June 2019.

“Gamers unite” Beirut finals and massive exhibition from July 17 to 21 at the New Biel!

Register today before registration closes!

Be part of the madness in the biggest E-sports league to ever happen in Beirut!

Meanwhile, start training!